Nostalgia for Playthings of Childhood Spurs Young Adults to Pursue Jobs in the Toy Industry

Young adults who feel particularly nostalgic about certain toys they played with as children may take an interest in working in the toy industry. A wide range of possibilities can be pursued, with some of the jobs being quite lucrative. There are toy jobs in product design and development, marketing, sales, account management, brand management and many others.


Some individuals interested in toy industry jobs would love to work in product design. Their ultimate dream might be to come up with a toy that lives on in history, ranking near the toap of the popularity lists when specific decades are analyzed. Others prefer the sales and marketing angles, being able to converse with owners and managers of toy stores large and small. Corporate giants like Walmart and Target, smaller department stores and independent toy stores all need a steady supply of new products to keep their customers happy.

Nostalgic Examples

As a teenager enrolls in college, it may seem astounding that his or her favorite toy from childhood has been around for 20 or more years. Tickle Me Elmo, Furby, Pokemon and Power Rangers Action Figures all made their debut in the 1990s. Those are just a few examples.

Sometimes older toys make a resurgence in popularity, as was seen with the Pokemon phenomenon of a few years back. The Easy Bake Oven has had several incarnations, the first one appearing in the early 1960s. It became beloved again as an updated version in the 1990s. The earliest units used a light bulb to generate heat, while later models contain an actual heating element.

The Creepy Crawlers machine has had a similar adventure, delighting young children in the ’60s and again 30-some years later. With goop and a small oven, kids can produce big piles of colorful insects and other creepy bugs.

Recruitment Sites

By registering with a recruitment site like ToyJobs, the aspiring toy industry worker has access to exclusive listings of excellent positions in the field. Most are upper-level positions requiring some experience, but viewing the site is useful even for the new kid on the block. It can provide extra motivation and keep the person up to date on trends in the industry.

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